Independence day & short history of Mongolia.

The Mongol empire was founded by Genghis Khan in 1206 and has since been ruled by various nomadic empires. Mongolia declared independence in 1911 from the collapsing Qing Dynasty, but struggled due to “de facto independence”, we had declared independence, but China did not recognize this new independence or apply legal constraints to protect it. Struggling, Mongolia turned to Russia for help.

The interesting fact is Mongolia has two Independence day celebrations.

In 1920 the Russians invaded Mongolia and liberated them from occupation by the newly formed Republic of China. To eliminate any future Chinese threat from the Russian border, it was decided to install an independent communist Mongolian government on 11th July 1921. This is now celebrated by the Naadam festival, 11th to 13th July each year. This is the biggest festival in Mongolia, at which, contestants participate in the three manly sports of wrestling, archery and horse riding.

Mongolia worked from 1921 until 1924 on their new constitution. Mongolians celebrate their Independence Day on November 26th  of every year. The constitution created the Mongolian People's Republic. In 1992 a new constitution was established and the 'People's Republic' was dropped from the name. However this day is still celebrated as our official Independence Day.